Sairenji Murasaki

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Sairenji Murasaki
Sairenji Murasaki.png
Age at Death:
Date of Birth:
June 3
Blood Type:
Voice actor:
Oohashi Ayuru

Sairenji Murasaki is one of the characters in Seven Days.

Description[edit | edit source]

Murasaki is Shuuichi’s childhood friend. A third year in high school. Alive. She gives you the impression of a quiet and expressionless girl, but she is always concerned about Shuuichi. Born and raised in a family with a long history of running a Buddhist temple, she is deeply familiar with the occult, which may be a reason for her to suddenly come out with startling remarks. As a child, she horrified Shuuichi when she was talking alone in his bathroom.

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