Tsukumo Shizuku

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Tsukumo Shizuku
Tsukumo Shizuku.png
Age at Death:
Date of Birth:
November 17
Blood Type:
Voice actor:
Toda Megumi

Tsukumo Shizuku is one of the characters in Seven Days.

Description[edit | edit source]

Shizuku is one of the ghost girls who possessed Chiyako, and the sixth victim of the Spirited Away incident. Behind her spaced-out, expressionless face is the brain of a genius with incredible comprehension and concentration. She is tight-lipped and a slow talker, but sometimes hits the nail right on the head. Her thirst for knowledge is so strong that once she is focused on something, she will not budge an inch. Though only vaguely, she seems to remember something about the Spirited Away incident that brought death to the seven girls including herself.

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